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1. Visitors arrive         [Close]
2. Cllr Richard Greene (centre) with John Rippin and Peter Jarosz         [Close]
3. Lord Lieutenant, Janet Bowen, arriving         [Close]
4. Before the walk         [Close]
5. Chairman, John Rippin, addressing the group         [Close]
6. Lord Lieutenant, Janet Bowen, addressing the group         [Close]
7. Lord Lieutenant, Janet Bowen, and John Rippin         [Close]
8. Walking in         [Close]
9. Walking through the Wood         [Close]
Arriving at the planting site         [Close]
Firming in the new tree         [Close]
Guard of Honour         [Close]
Planting the tree         [Close]
Preparing the ground         [Close]
Spectators look on         [Close]
Vole guard fitting         [Close]
Walking back after the planting         [Close]
West Highland weather to finish off with...         [Close]

Sponsor-a-tree official launch